About Us


Healthy Schools is a Health Care Access company that focuses on providing Flu Vaccines for students from VPK to 12th grade in Public/Private Schools. Healthy Schools’ home office is in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.


Healthy Schools creates Public/Private partnerships with local health departments to work in conjunction with local school districts to provide Flu Vaccines to students at no cost to the families, school or health department. Healthy Schools provides all the staff, vaccine and printing cost for the program. Healthy Schools recoups it cost through existing contract it has with Medicaid and Private Insurance plans.


By engaging with Healthy Schools to provide Flu Vaccines for students in local schools, the local health department, local school district and Healthy Schools are able to accomplish several great results; keeping students and teachers healthy, erasing one of the reasons students miss school, providing a service to families that have to miss work to vaccinate child at their pediatrician, the economic drain to the community when parents have to miss work to care for a child with the flu and a savings to Medicaid and insurance plans by keeping people out of the emergency room with the flu.

Healthy Schools Objective

To offer flu vaccine to all students in Local School Districts at No Cost to the students, county, or state.

Overview of Process with Public Health

Create a Private/Public partnership with local County Public Health Departments through the signing of a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). This MOU will outline how Healthy Schools will operate and give authority to Public Health to ensure high quality healthcare standards are being followed. The Health Department will not have any financial commitment and will not be asked for any staff to run the vaccination program. Public Health may have personnel oversee any and all clinics that happen in the public schools if they choose to do so.

Overview of Process with Department of Education

– Healthy Schools will work closely with a designated person at the DOE on scheduling the clinic days/times. Healthy Schools runs multiple teams at the same time, so we will be scheduling between 12-15 schools per day. The designated person at DOE will provide Healthy Schools with any testing, planning, or half days to ensure those days are avoided as clinic days. Healthy Schools will modify schedule as much as DOE would like to ensure the smallest possible disruption to the school day. Healthy Schools will need a designated person at each school to ensure consent forms are passed out and collected. Also, a designated person will also be needed to be in charge of bringing the children from their class to the clinic location (bringing one entire grade level at a time is suggested) . School personnel will be in charge of making sure each child has their consent form in their hands prior to entering the clinic location at the school.

Overview of Process with School Nurse

It is helpful to have a school nurse present at the clinics to help clarify any questions about a child’s medical history. Healthy Schools operates with a policy of “When in doubt, do not vaccinate”. If school nurse has time, then they can review the completed consent forms prior to clinic day to ensure form completion and clarify any questions--- this is not a mandatory piece of the program, but it will increase the vaccination rate and efficiency of the program.

Program Education

Healthy Schools will look to educate teachers, school nurses, and community through presentations at conferences, press releases, and PSAs.

The Healthy Schools vaccination process

  • Consent forms are sent directly to each school 3 weeks prior to the clinic day to be handed out to students
  • Students have 2 weeks to return the consent forms back to the school
    • Students can return forms all the way to the day of clinic but we put a due date on them so we can call the school and get an estimate for number of vaccinations
  • On clinic day, Healthy Schools will send a team of 2 Nurses and 1 administrative person to each school at the designated time with all the supplies and vaccine necessary.
    • When the team arrives, they will need a 2 tables, 4 chairs, and a trash can in the designated clinic area
  • Clinics are scheduled in 2 hour blocks which is plenty of time assuming children are brought to the clinic is a timely manner. Children are typically out of the classroom for ~10 minutes.
  • Children will enter the clinic with their consent form in their hands (Healthy Schools cannot give the children the consent forms—they must already have their form in their hands). The child will be asked to say their name to ensure the form they are carrying is their correct form.
    • Nurse will view the form to ensure the child qualifies and that the form is complete and signed
    • If child does not qualify or form is incomplete, they will be given letter that states they were not vaccinated and lists the reason
    • Once child is confirmed to qualify, they proceed to the Nurse table. The Nurse will check the form again to ensure no issues are present and then vaccinate the child.
    • Once vaccinated, the child will be given a letter that states they were vaccinated in the program with name and lot number of vaccine on the form to take home with them.
    • Healthy Schools will keep the consent form once the child has left the clinic (PDF copies will be available after the clinic)
    • Each child in the primary grades (VPK-5) will receive a Health Hero wristband as a prize for participation in the program
  • After the clinic is completed, there is a Healthy Schools representative available by phone for any post vaccination questions.
  • Children 8 years and under, that are vaccine naive, Healthy Schools will offer to provide a booster dose. The school district can opt-out of the booster program and the necessary children will be referred to their medical home
  • Healthy Schools can provide Public Health and Department of Education with any data they would like on the clinic afterwards (# of students vaccinated, sex type, gender, race, etc…)